Frequently Asked Questions for transfer Otopeni Ruse, transfer Otopeni Varna and transport to all cities in Bulgaria and Romania

1. Is it possible to pay with EURO or other foreign currencies?
You can pay with BG currency or EUR.
2. What is the difference between standard car, VAN and Minibus?
– standard car – up to 3 passengers / 2~3 luggage;
– VAN – up to 6 passengers / 5~6 luggage;
– Minibus – 8 passengers / 9~10 extra luggage.
3. Can I use your services without pre-reservation?
Yes, if available.
4. Is there any additional charge for extra baggage?
There is no extra charge of baggage which can hold in the car. Please, check out our vehicles. Ask for the most suitable vehicle in accordance with the volume of your luggage.
5. What kinds of payment does IntransGroup accept?
– pay to the driver after reaching the final destination;
– bank transfer at least one day before the travel.
5. Do you issue an invoice?
Yes. You should send the information about an invoice at least one day before the travel.
6. Can I smoke in the car?
Yes, if it does not disturb the passengers.
7. What kind of services do you offer?
– transfers from/to airports;
– corporate transfers;
– social events and excursions.
8. Which destinations do you offer?
Major destinations in Bulgaria:
Ruse-Bucharest-Ruse, transfer Otopeni Ruse
Varna-Bucharest-Varna, transfer Otopeni Varna
Градове в България
Burgas-Bucharest-Burgas, transfer Burgas Otopeni
Byala-Bucharest-Byala, transfer Byala Otopeni
Veliko Tarnovo-Bucharest-Veliko Tarnovo, transfer Veliko Tarnovo Otopeni
Gabrovo-Bucharest-Gabrovo, transfer Gabrovo Otopeni
Dobrich-Bucharest-Dobrich, transfer Dobrich Otopeni
Kubrat-Bucharest-Kubrat, transfer Kubrat Otopeni
Lovech-Bucharest-Lovech, transfer Lovech Otopeni
Pleven-Bucharest-Pleven, transfer Pleven Otopeni
Plovdiv-Bucharest-Plovdiv, transfer Plovdiv Otopeni
Razgrad-Bucharest-Razgrad, transfer Razgrad Otopeni
Svishtov-Bucharest-Svishtov, transfer Svishtov Otopeni
Sevlievo-Bucharest-Sevlievo, transfer Sevlievo Otopeni
Silistra-Bucharest-Silistra, transfer Silistra Otopeni
Sofia-Bucharest-Sofia, transfer Sofia Otopeni
Tutrakan-Bucharest-Tutrakan, transfer Tutrakan Otopeni
Targovishte-Bucharest-Targovishte, transfer Targovishte Otopeni
Shumen-Bucharest-Shumen, transfer Shumen Otopeni
Summer and winter resorts in Bulgaria
Albena-Bucharest-Albena, transfer Albena Otopeni
Aheloy-Bucharest-Aheloy, transfer Aheloy Otopeni
Ahtopol-Bucharest-Ahtopol, transfer Ahtopol Otopeni
Dyuni-Bucharest-Dyuni, transfer Dyuni Otopeni
Golden Sands (Zlatni Piasaci)-Bucharest-Golden Sands (Zlatni Piasaci), transfer Golden Sands (Zlatni Piasaci) Otopeni
Kiten-Bucharest-Kiten, transfer Kiten Otopeni
Nesebar-Bucharest-Nesebar, transfer Nesebar Otopeni
Obzor-Bucharest-Obzor, transfer Obzor Otopeni
Pomorie-Bucharest-Pomorie, transfer Pomorie Otopeni
Primorsko-Bucharest-Primorsko, transfer Primorsko Otopeni
Ravda-Bucharest-Ravda, transfer Ravda Otopeni
Sunny Beach (Slanchev Briag) Bucharest-Sunny Beach (Slanchev Briag), transfer Sunny Beach (Slanchev Briag) Otopeni
Sinemorets-Bucharest-Sinemorets, transfer Sinemorets Otopeni
Sozopol-Bucharest-Sozopol, transfer Sozopol Otopeni
Chernomorets-Bucharest-Chernomorets, transfer Chernomorets Otopeni
Tsarevo-Bucharest-Tsarevo, transfer Tsarevo Otopeni
Bansko-Bucharest-Bansko, transfer Bansko Otopeni
Borovets-Bucharest-Borovets, transfer Borovets Otopeni
Pamporovo-Bucharest-Pamporovo, transfer Pamporovo Otopeni
Major destinations in Romania
Bucharest-Ruse-Bucharest, transfer Otopeni Ruse, transfer Otopeni Varna
Konstanca (Constanța)-Ruse-Konstanca (Constanța)
Targu Mures (Târgu Mureș)-Ruse- Targu Mures (Târgu Mureș)
Timishoara (Timișoara)-Ruse- Timishoara (Timișoara)
Brashov (Brașov)-Ruse- Brashov (Brașov)
Baia Mare-Ruse- Baia Mare
Pitesti (Pitești)-Ruse- Pitesti (Pitești)
Resita (Reșița)-Ruse- Resita (Reșița)
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